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Welcome to Lapointe Family Law

We are a boutique specialist Family Law Firm operating in collaboration with wellness professionals to provide complete and comprehensive family law solutions for our clients.

We operate in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and North Shore with offices at Bondi Junction and Neutral Bay.

We offer many advantages over traditional law firms offering Family Law services.

Why choose Lapointe Family Law?

Family law experts 

As family law experts Sydney Based family law is all we do, so we bring deep, specialised legal expertise and experience to your matter. We know the process of family law court Sydney wide inside out, both from a lawyer’s point of view and because we’ve been through it personally.

We believe in being the best at what we do, which means working in a defined, narrow, specialised niche where our clients value the depth of our experience. We do understand, however, that there are many family lawyers with the legal expertise to assist you through separation and divorce and it can be difficult to separate the one who will provide the best fit for you. We are different from other family lawyers.

Affordable Legal Services and Technical Innovation

As a team of affordable family lawyers Sydney based, we are capable of providing you with the advice that” is affordable as we don’t rent expensive city office space, but instead co-share workspace when required, and if convenient we can visit you at your work or home. Family law clients often fear exorbitant legal costs and worry about expenses piling up after each phone call or with every page printed.

We offer the option of fixed fees so there are no surprises, during what is already a very stressful time. Our paperless office is technologically innovative, with a secure client portal for all communications. It’s good for you, good for the environment and a streamlined way for us to organise each of our matters.

Holistic collaboration with wellness professionals

As a responsible family law firm Sydney based we understand separation and divorce will often trigger emotional and financial stress for both parties and their children. Even the best family lawyers are typically ill-equipped to assist with the emotional impact of relationship breakdown (and nor should they become involved in this way).

People who are mentally strong make stronger decisions. We subsidise psychological and emotional support for our clients through our collaboration with our wellness professionals.  There’s no hiding that family law can be emotionally tough. Our team of highly trained wellness professionals can guide you through and provide strategies to assist with the difficult ‘personal’ journey arising from the separation and divorce.

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When a relationship breaks down, it can feel totally overwhelming …

During separation and divorce, every foundation you built together with your partner is rocked. You might feel angry, confused, anxious or in shock yet important decisions concerning your children, finances and future need to be made. Will I stay in the house? Will it be sold? How often will I see my kids? How will I cope financially? Your answers will shape your future, and family law can be confusing and impersonal.

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Lapointe Family Law Collaboration

At Lapointe Family Law we collaborate with skilled, compassionate, highly qualified wellness professionals — all experts in their fields — who are aligned with our legal practice to work alongside your lawyer to help you navigate your family law matter. While we’re striving for your very best legal and financial outcomes, psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists, life coaches and alternative holistic healers can ease you through the emotional side of this process. They can help you process what’s happened and start again.

Lapointe Family Law collaborates with wellness professionals where your legal advice and emotional support can be provided easily and seamlessly.

This unique, collaborative approach is available to you and subsidised by Lapointe Family Law so these services are in reach and affordable. We are able to charge a competitive hourly rate for our family law services as we don’t rent expensive city offices, therefore reducing our office costs. We are innovative and pass our savings to you through reduced hourly rates and subsidised wellness services.

Your family’s emotional and financial wellbeing is at the centre of what we do, because we’ve seen too many families left disillusioned by the stark, impersonal and expensive legal process. A stronger you will see better decisions made and costs reduced so that you can move on with life. Collectively, our legal team and collaborators will position you to create your best new future from fresh foundations of optimism, strength and belief.

It’s different, we know.

But we trust it will work for you.

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