The benefit of Fixed Fee Pricing


As per our agreement for legal services you will always know how much you are going to be charged at each stage of your matter so that you can make realistic arrangements to budget for and pay your legal fees. You know your costs cannot be driven up by a third party or circumstances outside of your control.


Given you are not charged each time you contact your lawyer it promotes better communication between lawyer and client ensuring you have a greater understanding of the legal issues and an ability to make informed decisions to draw your matter to a conclusion quickly and cost effectively.


Fixed fees puts the focus back on the value that we are providing to you in achieving your goals rather than the number of hours that is spent on the task. It creates better efficiencies and more desirable outcomes without surprises.

Can I arrange fixed fees?

Yes, fees can be fixed if this is your preference.

Our clients’ concerns are our concerns.

If one of your primary concerns when engaging a lawyer is a fear of spiralling costs due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of your matter, our offer of fixed fees, tailored to your individual case needs, will provide you with certainty, predictability and total transparency in relation to your legal fees.

How do Fixed Fees work?

We charge for the task (stage) that you task us to do, not the time that it takes us to do it.

After meeting with you to discuss your legal issues, we estimate the work that is required at each stage of your matter and provide you with a fixed fee quote for the first step (stage one)  and each future step that may arise (e.g. stages 2, 3 and 4) that is:

  1.       Tailored to your individual case needs;
  2.       Specific to the scope/stage of work that is required in your matter;
  3.       Updated if required to accommodate your changing legal needs.

Our fixed fees are offered to you in stages (scopes), e.g. preparation of court documents, preparation and appearance at first court date, preparation and attendance at mediation, as separate fixed fee agreements. With each stage of work you instruct us to complete, you are made aware of the fixed fee for the next stage/s, if required. Upon completion of each stage of work, you decide whether to progress to the next stage, pursuant to a further fixed fee agreement, keeping you in control of your costs.

If the scope of the work or your legal needs change, a variation agreement is discussed and agreed with you in writing.

Fixed Fees may suit your needs better.