About Us

we understand that when clients walk through our door, they are often in crisis.

We appreciate that you may:

Be leaving a toxic or unloving relationship of many years

Feel little love, support or acceptance

Experience isolation and loneliness

Feel anxious about the prospect of spending less time with your children due to changing circumstances

Have to remain under the same roof as your partner due to financial circumstances, potentially in an uncomfortable living environment

Be struggling to adapt to new living arrangements, with increased financial pressure and additional domestic duties that were once shared

Feel anger, disdain or bitterness towards or from your former partner


In our firm, we take the unprecedented step of aligning with highly qualified wellness professionals who assist you through your matter and prepare and empower you to navigate this path. No longer an afterthought, personal support is available right here. We offer access to these wellness services as a seamless part of our package of legal services.

Counseling, happy mother & daughter

Our practice is aligned with expert wellness and business professionals who can assist with:

Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation

Life coaching and career transition

Single parenting coaching and advice

Anger management

Anxiety management

Self-esteem building

Children’s wellbeing and separation counselling

Drug and alcohol addictions

Retirement and financial planning

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