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Christopher Lapointe

Christopher Lapointe

Principal Lawyer of Lapointe Family Law

Chris Lapointe, our Principal and expert family lawyer, has worked exclusively in family law since 2012. In 2010 he experienced separation and divorce and understands the process intimately from both the lawyer’s and client’s perspective. He looks at Family Law through a lens of empathy but also possesses an extensive business and commercial background, having owned businesses in finance and customer-related services over 25 years.

Chris uses his professional and personal experience to create innovative family law solutions for clients. He is a ‘settlement focused’ family lawyer but will also roll up his sleeves and fight for his client to obtain the best outcome if court proceedings are required.

Chris has a Bachelor of Economics and Laws from Macquarie University. He has graduate diplomas in both Applied Family Law and Applied Finance. Chris is a collaborative lawyer with six years’ experience in the family law specialty.

Chris is family focused, and is a father of two teenage girls and has lived in the Sydney north shore all his life.

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A Letter from Christopher Lapointe

Welcome to Lapointe Family Law;

I’m delighted you are considering my firm as an option to assist you to navigate and resolve your Family Law Matter.

I have specialised in Family Law since 2012, and was admitted as a solicitor in 1991. My life experiences and commercial acumen are diverse and varied including running customer focussed and financial businesses over 25 years.

We provide expert family law legal advice and representation and deliver this with empathy, compassion and understanding. My practice is aligned with personal health professionals including psychologists, psychotherapists, life coaches, and holistic healers who are ALL expert in assisting my clients to work through the emotional impact of separation. Their areas of expertise include anger management, mindfulness, career transition concerns, life coaching, retirement focus, anxiety management, meditation and relaxation issues, drug and alcohol addictions and self-esteem concerns.

Lapointe Family Law will provide you unfettered access to an integrated and comprehensive suite of practitioners to suit your OWN needs and circumstances. We empower you to make the best decisions during this process. You’ll be fully informed of the facts, legally, and also supported emotionally throughout your separation.

Ultimately, we’re a law firm that is Holistic in approach but we never lose sight of your need for us to negotiate the best possible outcome for you in your family law matter. What our firm will do is strengthen your resolve and mind to achieve the absolute best outcome after considering your particular circumstances.

This is a new approach to Family law, which serves our clients in the best way possible. We offer great legal advice and outcomes, emotional support and assistance to create a mindset which will promote matters being finalised expeditiously, with reduced court involvement, all at a more affordable cost.

Yours sincerely

Chris Lapointe
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