Debunking 4 Common Family Law Myths

Debunking 4 Common Family Law Myths

As specialists in family law court Sydney, we often hear myths and misconceptions about family law and how the family law system works. These myths and misconceptions can be harmful to family dynamics, as most of them simply are not true.

All Family Issues Should Be Settled In Court

Court should be seen as a last resort for families who cannot settle their problems amongst themselves or with the help of dispute resolution services, allowing family law cases to be settled outside of the courthouse. Dispute resolution services can be highly effective for many cases and often provide a higher chance for desirable outcomes for all parties.

Court is a very costly and time-consuming process and should be reserved for issues that can truly not be resolved independently.

The Mother Gets The Kids By Default

It is a very common belief that the mother always gets the children in custody cases, but this is simply not the case. Each individual case is assessed carefully by the court of law to determine which parent should hold custody if joint custody is not a possibility.

Men are often thought to come off worse in most family disputes, but that definitely isn’t true. When it comes to the law, people get what they deserve.

Assets Are Always Divided Equally

If you’re getting a divorce in the hopes that you and your partner’s assets will be split down the middle, you may want to think again. Nowhere in Australian law does it say that property and other assets need to be split equally. There are many factors and contributions that the family law court will consider before making any final decisions regarding asset distribution. You never really know what you’re going to get, and that is why it is often better to settle these disputes in family resolution.

You Cannot Be Separated And Live Under The Same Roof

While this one is tricky, couples can indeed begin the separation process while living under the same roof, and many do so in an effort to maintain normalcy for their children. 
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