Is A Property And Parenting Collaborative Approach Right For You?

Is A Property And Parenting Collaborative Approach Right For You?

Matters of parenting and property can be exceptionally stressful, emotional, and complex, but collaborative law aims to alleviate some of the stress that you may experience if you were to take the matter to court.

As family law experts trained in collaborative law in Sydney, we see the benefits of collaborative law for parties willing to participate in this process.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why collaborative law might be right for you.

You And Your Spouse Understand What Collaborative Law Is

Before taking the plunge and deciding to use collaborative law to settle your parenting and property intricacies, you should both understand precisely what collaborative law is and how it works. Feel free to get in touch with family law experts in Sydney that can effectively explain the entire process to you.

Despite Your Differences, You’re Still Able To Effectively Communicate

The only way collaborative law will work for you and your spouse is if you are still able to communicate effectively. If there has been a history of physical or emotional abuse, it may be better to see your spouse in court instead of trying to reach any sort of agreement in collaborative law.

Effective communication and still wanting the best for one another are two key elements in experiencing success when it comes to successful collaborative law.

You Want To Keep Things Private

As soon as things go to court, they can become public knowledge. Parenting and property matters are very private, and when using collaborative law, far fewer people will know about the intricacies of what you are dealing with as well as the outcomes.

You Want To Save Money And Time

This one is a bit of a no brainer. No one wants their parenting and property procedures to be a messy, expensive, and drawn-out process. The benefit that you get by opting for collaborative law is that the entire process is usually handled a lot faster as you don’t have to wait for a court date, and the fees involved are often a lot less. While the process may still be a little complicated, it is a lot easier than involving a third party (judge).

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