The Differences Between Fees & Costs In The Legal System

The Differences Between Fees & Costs In The Legal System

When it comes to being involved in any sort of legal dispute or battle, there are always expenses involved. But it is best that you understand the differences between the fees and costs associated with the Australian legal system so that you can effectively prepare both financially and mentally. As reliable and affordable family lawyers Sydney, we ensure that our clients always comprehend these differences and are always informed. 


When appearing in court, involved parties have the option to employ lawyers to represent them. In most cases, the lawyer will charge their clients for their services. And the cost of these services will depend on the type of service, how many times the client and lawyer had to meet, and the length of these meetings. Lawyers may also charge for their time doing additional research and admin to aid the case.

Court Fees

Court fees are charged by the court on behalf of the government. These court fees may be quite steep but are often subsidised in cases of divorce and where parties can prove their financial hardships. A court case requires many professionals to be present and the hire of the courtroom itself.

Those exempt from paying court fees may still be subject to lawyer’s costs. Some lawyer’s disbursements may include the court fees, so the client just has one amount to pay, and the lawyer sorts out the rest.

Although we consider ourselves to be affordable family lawyers in Sydney, there are many Australian legal services that can be very expensive. And that is not to say that lawyers don’t deserve these amounts. They have studied the law for many years to get them into the position in which they are now.

It’s very important that you calculate the estimated overall cost of your legal proceedings before you begin so that you can factor it into your budget and source financial aid if need be. It is also exceptionally important that you choose a reputable, trustworthy lawyer so that your money is not wasted.

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