Understanding The Agreement For Legal Services

Understanding The Agreement For Legal Services

At Lapointe Family Law, we are committed to offering you the highest level of service and accountability, which includes the certainty and transparency of your legal fees through the agreement for legal services. We offer the option of fixed-fee pricing. While we do offer hourly rate variable options as well, fixed-fee pricing can ensure that you have better communication with your lawyer and puts the focus back on the value of our service versus hours worked.

It also means that you have the ability to know what you will be charged for every stage of your legal matter, allowing you to budget and make arrangements accordingly in order to ensure payment of your legal fees, and so that you can rest assured that your costs won’t be raised by a third party or other circumstances that are not within your control.

Let’s take a look at what the agreement for legal services entails and how to understand it.

What Goes Into A Service Agreement

In our agreement with you, we will clearly lay out the following:

  • Services – what the nature of the task at hand is, the scope of the work required, and the various stages of delivery with an outlined schedule
  • Compensation – the fixed fee quote for each step of the process
  • Change in work – how we handle any adaptation to your changing legal needs

We include all the details you need to be well informed, in control and fully prepared for the upcoming approach towards your legal matter.

Understanding How Fixed Fees Work

Our fixed fee agreement is based on the task that you ask us to do instead of the time it takes to do so. We will meet with you to assess how much work is required for each stage of the process, such as preparation of court documents, preparation and attendance at mediation and so on, and outline the fixed fee quote for each. You can read more about how our fixed fees work here.

Choose Lapointe Family Law

At Lapointe Family Law, our highest priority is our client. Your concerns are our concerns. That is why we go above and beyond to ensure that we assist you in a way that suits your needs and benefits the legal process to the fullest. Talk to us today to find out more about our option of fixed-fee pricing and the agreement for legal services. You can reach us by calling (02) 98445492 or filing in the contact form.