What Is The Cost Of A Divorce In Australia?

What Is The Cost Of A Divorce In Australia?

Many of us have heard that divorces can be expensive, but if you have never been through a divorce yourself, you may not be able to attach a price tag to the process. As providers of affordable legal services, Lapointe Family Law is here to shed some light on the true cost of divorce. Of course, each divorce is slightly different and complications may lead to additional expenses.

Filing Fee

When you file for divorce, you’ll have to pay a filing fee. As of July 2022, this fee is $990, but it increases every year in July. There may be additional fees that need to be paid depending on your situation.

Reducing The Fee

There is the possibility of having this $990 fee reduced to $330 under certain circumstances. This reduction is available to those that are going through financial hardships. Those holding pensioner concession cards or health care cards are likely to qualify for the discount.

What Are the Other Potential Costs Involved?

  • The cost involved in replacing your marriage certificate if you have since lost it.
  • Translation costs if you were married in another country and your marriage certificate is not in English.
  • When making a sole application, you’ll need to pay for the papers to be served to your spouse.

What Is Not Included?

Keep in mind that a divorce is simply an official and legal ending to your marriage. Getting a divorce has nothing to do with child support, joint care and property settlements. If you share property and/or children with your ex-spouse, you may have to pay more in legal fees to have it all sorted out. You can decide what happens to your children outside the court through collaborative family law services, which can often be more affordable.

If divorce is the right decision for you and your spouse, the cost of the divorce should not sway you from getting one. Getting a divorce is essential for you both to move on with your own lives, both personally and on paper.

Affordable legal services can help simplify and smooth out the divorce process. Here at Lapointe Family Law, we are a team of professional family lawyers that have helped hundreds of clients go through the divorce process. If you are interested in our services, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our professional team would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.